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The Unshakable Peace of a Mind that Can Let Go

The following in an excerpt from a dhamma talk by Ajahn  Chah titled Unshakable Peace.  It is a wonderful and deep teaching explaining how to practice the mind that lets go—the mind of liberation and peace. The Buddha did not teach about the mind and its psychological factors so that we’d get attached to the […]

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The Mind of Absolute Trust-Seng-Ts’an

One of the most beloved teachings of Zen is the Xinxin Ming (Hsin Hsin Ming) by Jianzhi Sengcan (Seng-ts’an), the Third Patriarch of Chinese Zen. Over the years, the title Xinxin Ming has been translated numerous ways: Inscription on Trust in the Mind, Verses on the Faith Mind, On Believing in Mind, Inscribed on the […]

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The Peace of Metta-Sharon Salzburg

One of the dharma mailings I enjoy receiving is Tricycle’s Daily Dharma. These short snippets from Tricycle’s huge archive always give me something useful for my practice. I mention their Daily Dharma because today’s mailing include an excerpt from one of my favorite teachers of metta, Sharon Salzberg. If you haven’t made her acquaintance, I […]

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