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The Bodhisattva Vow-the whole thing is hopeless, but we’ll do it

A hazy autumn moon, solitary and full, falls as it may on the winding river ahead.
 There are those who seek perfect clarity,
 yet sweep as you may, you cannot empty the mind. (The Capping Verse to Dongshan and Shenshan Cross the River) “You can’t teach someone to walk a tightrope wire by telling them […]

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The Truth of Silent Illumination

Silently and serenely one forgets all words; Clearly and vividly That appears… When one realizes it, it is vast and without limit; It is Essence, it is pure awareness. Singularly reflecting in this bright awareness, Full of wonder in this pure reflection… Infinite wonder permeates this serenity; In this Illumination all intentional efforts vanish. Silence […]

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The Mind of Absolute Trust-Seng-Ts’an

One of the most beloved teachings of Zen is the Xinxin Ming (Hsin Hsin Ming) by Jianzhi Sengcan (Seng-ts’an), the Third Patriarch of Chinese Zen. Over the years, the title Xinxin Ming has been translated numerous ways: Inscription on Trust in the Mind, Verses on the Faith Mind, On Believing in Mind, Inscribed on the […]

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