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What Am I Doing Right Now? And Why Does it Matter?

In this essay Thanissaro Bhikkhu analyzes the profound importance of understanding the nature of our intentions and the actions that arise out of those intentions.  In many ways, as he points out, this issue is at the very heart of the Buddha’s teaching—looking deeply into intention, into cause and effect, and seeing how to “unbind” […]

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Audio Dharma-The Karaniya Metta Sutta

In order to expand my ability to share the dharma, I’ve upgraded my blog so that I can now share audio talks with my readers. I’m very excited about this, because there are many wonderful dharma teachers whose teachings are mainly available as audio recordings. Because of the nature and purpose of this blog, it […]

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Some Skillful Ways of Dealing with Anger

Everybody gets angry, and whether it’s expressed or suppressed, it always brings suffering and stress. Happily, the Buddha taught many skillful ways of dealing with anger. And as Thanissaro Bhikkhu explains in his article Anger, “it’s useful to divide the anger into three parts: one, the object of the anger; two, the anger itself as […]

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