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Sukha Buddha

Dhamma and Non-duality-A Theravadan Point of View

“Where I think the teaching of the Buddha, as preserved in the Theravada tradition, surpasses all other attempts to resolve the spiritual dilemmas of humanity is in its persistent refusal to sacrifice actuality for unity. The Buddha’s Dhamma does not point us toward an all-embracing absolute in which the tensions of daily existence dissolve in […]

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The Buddha on the Importance of Abandoning All Self Views

Who am I? What am I?  How am I?  We’ve all asked these questions.  Throughout history, people have asked these questions, and come up with countless answers and religions and philosophies to answer them.  Just who or what is this “self” we all have to deal with? Interestingly, the Buddha does not offer a final […]

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The Buddha’s Self Check-How Are You Doing?

The passage below from the Samyutta Nikaya is one of my favorites from the Buddha, because every time I enter deep concentration in meditation, the truth of what he says is demonstrated to me again and again. Every time you see that any form, feeling, perception, fabrication, even consciousness itself, is not yours—is not who […]

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Fantasy Clouds

The Importance of Getting into the Emptiness Mode

In this short essay, Thanissaro Bhikkhu explains that Buddha didn’t offer the concept of “emptiness” as an abstract metaphysical truth about the world.  The Buddha taught “emptiness” as a skillful way to disentangle ourselves from the causes of suffering by not identifying with things like anger as being “me” or “mine.” Emptiness Thanissaro Bhikkhu “Emptiness […]

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An apology-dharma practice not dharma debate

This is a public apology to friends and blog visitors for a couple of recent posts of mine, “No, you are not enlightened!” and “You’re not enlightened; you’re besparkled!” In these posts I tried to throw some light on some important but often misrepresented aspects of the Buddha’s teaching about what enlightenment is, but in retrospect, […]

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Sun Rays in the Forest, Germany

Loving others-a skillful means, not a principle

When the heart awakens No matter what one’s spiritual path, I believe there comes a time when when one’s heart so expands in love and compassion that helping alleviate the suffering of others becomes just as much an aspiration as the alleviation of one’s own suffering. Of course, sometimes we may need a lot of […]

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