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Don’t be fooled! There is a Way and We Can Walk It!

Mere belief and mental agreement with some metaphysical view—nirvana, emptiness, non-duality, the “way of no way,” the Tao, the “pathless path,” and all the other terms and concepts of spirituality — don’t do, pardon the language, a damned thing to change anything in us or in the world! The emptiness of Buddhism, for example, is not just a metaphysical view that […]

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Train your heart! Don’t just follow its moods!

From “Training the Heart” by Ajahn Chah Train your heart! Listening to your own heart is really very interesting. This untrained heart races around following its own untrained habits. It jumps about excitedly, randomly, because it has never been trained. Therefore train your heart! Buddhist meditation is about the heart; to develop the heart or […]

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Practicing the Middle Way-not too much, not too little

Lately I been thinking a lot about what right effort is in Buddhist practice. Right effort is, of course, one of the elements of the Noble Eightfold Path. Regardless of what some others may teach or say, the Buddha taught that liberation requires effort, but not just any effort, but right effort. Just what is […]

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