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What Actually Happens Inside Us When We Are Hurt By Another?

We feel that someone has hurt us, but is the hurt we feel caused by the other person?  Or are the actions of others merely the “approximate cause” of the suffering—in other words, the trigger, but not the actual cause of the suffering itself? Put that way, it might seem obvious. Others can’t really make […]

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Buddhist morality-it’s all about karma and skillful means

For those of us who grew up in fundamentalist or authoritarian religions, the word “morality” can be like a red flag in front of a bull.  Words like “morals” and “morality” can sometimes evoke powerful childhood images and feelings of a wrathful god making arbitrary rules and punishing the wrongdoer—forever!  The words may also evoke painful […]

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Martin Luther King-He Still Calls Our Hearts to Act

Martin Luther King was a hero of mine long before I became a Buddhist. His assassination in 1968 was one of those seminal moments that caused me to dedicate myself with greater effort to the ideas of equality and justice that exemplified Dr. King’s life. Later in my life, when I came to Buddhism through […]

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