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Brave Hearts-Heroism and Compassion Embrace Haiti

Like many, I have been trying to keep up with the situation in Haiti in order to be of any help I can, whether in prayer or in other actions. To be honest, the reports of devastation and suffering often overwhelm me. Then, I have to stop and do a lot of metta, loving-kindness meditation, […]

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Metta-Care-Please Donate but Avoid Haiti Scams!

As always seems to happen when there’s a disaster, scammers try to take advantage of people’s generosity with bogus organizations and websites. This shouldn’t deter our generosity in this time of critical need in Haiti, but we can be wise, too! One of the very best places to check out the legitimacy of an organization […]

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Metta-Care-Earthquake Disaster in Haiti

If ever a nation deserved a change of fortunes, it has got to be poor Haiti. As the New York Times reports in breaking news today: “A devastating earthquake struck Haiti late Tuesday afternoon, causing the collapse of the National Palace, leveling countless shantytown dwellings and bringing even more suffering to a nation that was […]

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