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Can We “Choose” to Be Happy? No—and Yes!

Can we “choose” to be happy? Well, try it right now, and see. Make yourself truly happy. Can’t do it, right? At any given instant, if we are honest about it, we realize that we just feel what we feel.  Sheer willpower can’t make us truly happy.  We can’t flip on happiness like a lightswitch — […]

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Am I Pleasing Others to Make Myself Feel Loved and Good?

The path of awakening, of liberation, always includes self-observation and self-inquiry. Without them, we tend to repeat the same unskillful ways of thinking and acting over and over again. That’s what is called samsara in Buddhism. In this essay I’m sharing my thoughts and observations on something I’ve struggled with much of my life: a […]

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Embrace it, Don’t Fight it!

Embrace it, Don’t Fight it! “You have to generate the energy of mindfulness, which is also you, and that positive energy will do the work of recognizing and embracing. Every time you embrace your habit energy, you can help it to transform a little bit. The habit energy is a kind of seed within your […]

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Taming Elephants-How To Transform Negative Habit Energies

This post is a follow-up to: Can the Power of Love Stop an Elephant? What do we do about our own raging “tuskers?” One of the skillful tools used by my heart teacher, Zen Master Thich Nhat Hanh, is the concept of habit energies, called vasana in Sanskrit.  Habit energies, as the name implies, are […]

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