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Krishnamurti on Nonviolence

J. Krishnamurti is a spiritual teacher that I often return to and wrestle with!  Here are some past posts on him: Krishnamurti-An Uncompromising Teacher Krishnamurti-Freedom from the Known Krishnamurti Talks About Nature I always come away the better for my encounters with this remarkable teacher, and I always learn new and skillful ways to look […]

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Transforming the Three Poisons: Greed, Hatred, and Delusion

Today post is a study of the Buddha’s treatment of what the Buddha defined as the three major hindrances to happiness and freedom from suffering. These three hindrances have been variously called the Three Poisons or Three Stains. They are usually identified as greed (or hungry grasping), aversion (ill will or hatred), and delusion.  These […]

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One Who Saw-a Buddhist fable

This is the wonderful, but somewhat sad, story of “The One-Who-Saw.” I don’t know how to describe it other than as a kind of a Buddhist version of an Aesop’s Fable, only way better! The illustrated fable tells the story of a place where people have lost the ability to see the beauty of the […]

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