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Look at Karma in Terms of What One is Doing Right Now

Karma—It’s About What We Can Do Now An excerpt about karma from “Noble Strategy” by Thanissaro Bhikkhu Karma is one of those words we don’t translate. Its basic meaning is simple enough—action—but because of the weight the Buddha’s teachings give to the role of action, the Sanskrit word karma packs in so many implications that […]

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Buddhism’s Practical Answer to the Problem of Evil – Part 1

This is a first in a two-part discussion of the problem of evil in light of Buddhist teachings.  Of course, what I say here are my own views on this complex subject, but these views are shaped and informed by what I’ve learned for myself in my study of the Buddha’s teachings on good and […]

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Yes-Buddhism Teaches Forgiveness!

Reading discussions on blogs and various web sites about Brit Hume’s assertion that Christianity is much better suited to forgiveness than Buddhism, I was struck by two things: 1) How sure some Christians were that Christianity had a special  monopoly when it comes to forgiveness 2) And how unfamiliar some people defending Buddhism seemed to […]

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