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Some thoughts on talent, success, failure and compassion for ourselves

The ego has many traps, but one of the worst is self-identification with one’s talent. If one self-identifies with one’s artistic or creative talent, this inevitably leads to suffering as the ego’s unquenchable needs and desires can never be satisfied by that talent. Indeed, the world is filled with “hungry ghosts” whose attachment to their […]

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The Problem of Egolessness

Today’s post is an essay by Thanissaro Bhikkhu on the issue of how Buddhism looks at the Western idea of the ego.  Specifically, it addresses the issue of whether Buddhism as taught by the historical Buddha teaches “egolessness” and total rejection of the ego. These questions are not merely of theoretical interest.  They relate to […]

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Don’t abandon the Ego-Use it Skillfully!

Don’t abandon the Ego-Use it Skillfully! If you think Buddhism is all about self-annihilation or blissed-out escape from a world too awful to bear, then think again.  Buddhism is all about being here, now, fully present.  But present in a way that changes everything and helps us skillfully remove suffering from our own lives so […]

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