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Vimalakirti and the Angry Dragon

The Jakata tales are wonderful folklore-like tales from ancient India. They tell the adventures and accomplishments of the Buddha in previous lives as a bodhisattva, before he becomes the Buddha. In many stories, the Buddha is an animal who demonstrates the ideals of Buddhism. In this story of compassion and redemption, the bodhisattva is named […]

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Metta-Care: Attwater’s Prairie Chicken

Metta-Care: Attwater’s prairie chicken “Eagle Lake, Texas—As the sun rises over the tallgrass prairie, one of the world’s last wild Attwater’s prairie chickens performs an unusual mating dance. The mottled brown grouse (Tympanuchus cupido attwateri), the size of a football, puffs out his neck and emits a low “woo woo” sound not unlike the sound […]

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