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The Difference Between Compassion and “Idiot Compassion”

Don’t Misinterpret! Pema Chodron Don’t impose the wrong notion of what harmony is, what compassion is, what patience is, what generosity is. Don’t misinterpret what these things really are. There is compassion and there is idiot compassion; there is patience and there is idiot patience; there is generosity and there is idiot generosity. For example, […]

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What Actually Happens Inside Us When We Are Hurt By Another?

We feel that someone has hurt us, but is the hurt we feel caused by the other person?  Or are the actions of others merely the “approximate cause” of the suffering—in other words, the trigger, but not the actual cause of the suffering itself? Put that way, it might seem obvious. Others can’t really make […]

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All-Embracing Compassion-The Heart-Practice of Tonglen

The devastating earthquake in Haiti is a terrible blow to good hearts everywhere.  Already there has been a huge outpouring of physical aid and spiritual support to the suffering people of Haiti.  In the days and months ahead, this support will need to grow and continue to help bring recovery and healing to Haiti. As […]

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