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How Metta Can Help You When Meditation is Hindered by Overwhelming Feelings

When I woke up this morning, I found my that my breath “anchor” came to mind within just a minute or two, with no conscious impulse to do so. This progress feels like a carryover of last night’s sitting meditation, right before I went to bed, which itself, seemed to be quite a lot of […]

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Non-resistance and the Art of Resisting without Resisting!

In Buddhism, nature of non-resistance is truly non-dual, but I think this this non-dual nature is misapprehended sometimes. Paradoxically, non-resistance doesn’t necessarily mean no resistance! Non-resistance is more like the martial artist Bruce Lee’s “fighting without fighting.”  Or better yet—and maybe pet owners can relate to this—it’s more like the resistive nonresistance of a cat, […]

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Welcome to Metta Refuge!

As a mother, at the risk of her life, Watches over her only child, Let him cherish an unbounded mind For all living beings. Greetings, friend!  Thank you for visiting.  May Metta Refuge be an inspiration to you in learning how to practice loving-kindness as taught by the Buddha.  May Metta Refuge be a place […]

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