Helpful Meditation Chime and Timing Software for the Mac

This is a short follow-up post to Thich Nhat Hanh’s teaching on “inviting” the bell to sound:

Inviting the Bell to Sound—Invitation to Mindfulness

If you have a computer in the room where you meditate, there are some very good (and free) software programs you can use to have your computer “invite the bell” for you.

In long meditation sessions, I often use one of these programs to have a bell sound a regular intervals. I also have the program set to sound the bell at intervals throughout the day.

When I hear the bell (and you can customize the sound, if you like), I stop, breathe deeply, smile, mindfully celebrating the present moment. The bell’s sounding is a wonderful way to come back to oneself and to remember to be mindful, not only at the bell’s sounding, but in whatever I’m doing—even working at the computer!

Apologies to PC owners, but since I own an Apple Macintosh, these software programs are Mac specific. But I have no doubt there are great programs like this for the PC, and I would welcome comments here pointing to PC freeware or shareware programs.

To find out about this software click here:

Meditation Chime and Timing Software for the Mac

and here:

Even More Meditation Aids for the iPhone, iPod, iPad and More


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3 Responses to “Helpful Meditation Chime and Timing Software for the Mac”

  1. I downloaded “time out”, but I am not getting a meditation chime sound, nor am I adept enough to know how to use a script to insert one. I just want a chime at set intervals for a macbook- I have no iPhone, android, pad, etc. Any suggestions?

  2. There’s also a neat app for Android phones called “Mindfullness Bell” that rings every hour which “According to the Buddhist teacher Thich Nhat Hanh, this is an effective means of developing mindfulness.” I like it, it’s useful.

    Here’s a link to read more. There’s probably an iPhone one as well!



  1. Even More Meditation Aids-iPhone-iPod-iPad and more « Metta Refuge - 2010/06/04

    […] Helpful Meditation Chime and Timing Software for the Mac […]

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