Audio Dharma-Healing Breath as Medicine

“Think of [working with the breath] as a healing process. Many times, as soon as the mind gets a little bit still and the breath gets comfortable, you think, “Well, what’s next?” But before you can move to the next stage, a lot of healing has to be done in the body—all the areas of tension and tightness and discomfort that you’ve allowed to get established within the body. The breath has to very gently massage them, very gently heal them, and sometimes this takes time.

Just like a wound. You can’t just say, “Poof,” and it’s gone. You have to put the medicine on and let it stay there for hours. The healing process takes time, so be patient with the breath. When things get still, stay with it. And even though things may not seem to be happening, there’s a slow, steady process of healing going on in the body.”

from “A Small, Steady Flame” by Thanissaro Bhikkhu


Here is an immensely practical and helpful audio dharma talk by Thanissaro Bhikkhu on how we can skillfully work with our breath in meditation to bring healing to our minds and our bodies.

Click here to listen to “Healing Breath by Thanissaro Bhikkhu (app. 17 minutes)


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5 Responses to “Audio Dharma-Healing Breath as Medicine”

  1. Namaste Steve. This really helped me. Thank you xx

  2. thanks for the interesting blog, its one of my favorites


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