Tricycle Magazine – The Hour of the Wolf – Clark Strand

I subscribe to the Tricyle Magazine’s daily mailing, and today’s mailing and video were so good, I wanted to refer folks to it:

Clark Strand

The Hour of the Wolf

The hours of Green Meditation are sometimes referred to as “the hour of the wolf,” because this is the time when anxieties, health or financial worries, and other personal problems often come to the fore. These are the thoughts or issues we often avoid during the daylight hours. But they surface in our dreams or when we wake during the night. Green Meditation involves a daily rhythm of spiritual work, and that work often involves the real gritty stuff of our lives.

I sometimes talk aloud about issues or problems that cannot be solved by daylight because their roots are so deep. Sometimes I do this while walking in Nature (I call this “Telling It to the Stars”), and sometimes just by speaking into the dark. Invariably I find some inspiration from doing this and always wake in the morning with a renewed sense of courage or resolve. These follow me through the day like that little circle of darkness inside of the light (yang) side of the yin-yang symbol. It serves as a kind of advisor for the activities of the day.

– Clark Strand, from the discussion of his Tricycle Online Retreat, “Green Meditation: The Recovery of the Dark”

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Clark Strand is an internationally-known author and lecturer on spirituality and religion. A former Zen Buddhist monk, he became the first Senior Editor ofTricycle: The Buddhist Review in 1993. In 1996, he moved to Woodstock, New York, in order to write full time and, in January of 2000, founded the Koans of the Bible Study Group (since renamed Woodstock Buddhist Bible Study), a weekly inter-religious discussion group devoted to finding a new paradigm for religious belief and practice. Clark is the author of SEEDS FROM A BIRCH TREE: Writing Haiku and the Spiritual Journey (1997); MEDITATION WITHOUT GURUS: A Guide to the Heart of Practice (originally published in 1998 as THE WOODEN BOWL); and HOW TO BELIEVE IN GOD: Whether You Believe in Religion or Not (2009).

Today, Clark serves as spiritual director for Woodstock Buddhist Bible Study. He writes on a variety of spiritual and ecological themes, including Green Meditation–an environmental approach to religion and spiritual practice.


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  1. Never mind. I re-read this and answered my own question.


  2. Is that Woodstock as in Woodstock, New York?

    michael j

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