Avatar-A Movie that Inspires Loving-kindness

As followers of this blog know, I also have a science blog, Goodheart’s Extreme Science, and a blog about the wonders of nature in the Berkeley Hills of the San Francisco Bay Area called Berkeley, Naturally!

Since the practice of metta includes loving-kindness mediation for all creatures and beings everywhere, I have occasionally mentioned posts from these sister sites that relate to an “engaged” love for our fellow beings and our planet:

The Moral Math of Climate Change

Metta-care: saving our coral reefs

Global Warming and the Loss of Earth’s Coral Reefs

We’re Killing Our Oceans

Today, I made a post about the movie “Avatar” at my Extreme Science blog:

How “Avatar” Inspires Love of Nature and Love of Science

Even though that site is devoted to hard science, I felt it was important to mention a science fiction film like “Avatar.” It has touched million’s of people’s hearts and seems to be helping to raise people’s consciousness about the interrelatedness and interconnected of ourselves with nature and with all beings.

So, please stop by and take a look.  I hope you enjoy the post. As I say:

If movies like “Avatar” can inspire people to look at the natural world with greater appreciation or inspire a new generation of children to become scientists who study our planet and all its wonders, then it will done more than merely entertained us and made its creators a lot of money. It will have changed the world, the only world we’ll ever know, for the better.

People of Earth, the Na’vi have a message for us: Open your eyes! You too have a planet of wonders!

To whet your curiosity, here’s one of the images from the post, showing just how remarkable Earth’s creatures are, too!

Planet Earth - Arctic Jelly

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"I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail, not to scorn human actions, but to understand them." Spinoza

6 Responses to “Avatar-A Movie that Inspires Loving-kindness”

  1. It’s a pretty fascinating film. Turns out Pandora also has a subterranean paradise. A few members discussed it here:


    • Hey Daniel, thanks for the link. If the writers/producer want to go there, there’d be underground, and, I hope, underwater, too! I’d love to see a sequel.

      Thanks for stopping by,

  2. Now I definitely have to go out and see it.

    thanks Steven.

    michael j

  3. thanks for the review. . .i really look forward to seeing Avatar. . .you are so right about this planet. Earth’s goodness and bounty is beyond anything i could ever imagine in tens of thousands of years of dreaming.

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