The Buddha Says-We Own Our Deeds

This is the first in a series of posts of the spoken words of the Buddha.

“Each person is owner of his deeds, heir to his deeds, his deeds are the womb from which he is born, his deeds are his kin for whom he is responsible, his deeds are his refuge; he is heir to his deeds, be they good or bad.”

From the Anguttara Nikaya, 5:161 (spoken by the Buddha)


About Steven Goodheart

"I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail, not to scorn human actions, but to understand them." Spinoza

2 Responses to “The Buddha Says-We Own Our Deeds”

  1. Thanks, I have often taken comfort in the realization that my deeds are my family and refuge, when I’ve had neither family nor human refuge. steve

  2. Another great sign to follow along this path.
    Thanks Steven.

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