Healing-The Purpose and Goal of this Site

Dear Friend,

Although I obviously want to focus on metta (maitre), or loving-kindness practice at Metta Refuge , I also want to be integral, á la Sri Aurobindo and Ken Wilber. So I intend to address issues some related issues, like the body and physical healing. In fact, perhaps the central focus of this site is going to be on the power of love, or loving-kindness, and compassion, and deep empathy, to heal minds and bodies and to tangibly affect the world.

From my own spiritual practice of over 40 years, I know that love not only heals the mind, it heals the body. When compassionately given to another, metta can help others be healed as well.  Metta can bless and change the world. To some, this may seem radical, but I speak from personal experience. Mere “anecdotal evidence?” Maybe, but I’ve seen healing with my own eyes, as have others I’ve worked with and for over the years.

Put in terms of dharma language, what can be demonstrated is that karma is not absolute, nor is it absolute destiny. Like nothing else, deep, heart-felt metta is able to counteract, lessen, and dissolve karmic knots, and even derail seemingly inevitable causal chains. Absolutely? Always? In every case? No, some kinds of karma are like an avalanche or a freight train. Sometimes, the best one can do, as folk singer Chris Smithers sings, is just “hold on.”

But even in the worst case scenarios, metta is never helpless, because genuine love is never a passive thing.  Metta is alive with healing energy.  It’s com(with)-passion. It’s passionate, but without egotism, clinging, attachment, selfishness, and fear. It’s a deep expansion of the heart.  It’s a profound protest of one’s very being against pain, suffering and harm, no matter what their causes or even so-called moral “justification.” Metta comes from an unconditioned “place” within us, a place in the heart that is unmoving and unmoved by all outward circumstances, however terrible or trying.

I have lots more to say about all of this — of course! That’s why I’m creating this blog. But at least this early post will give visitors an idea where Metta Refuge comes from and where it’s going.Good Samaritan I look forward to sharing my life and experience in loving-kindness practice and hope this proves helpful to others. I fully expect to learn from and be blessed by the lives and loving, wise practices of others who come here to share.

My heart teacher, Thich Nhat Hanh says, “With the presence of great understanding and freedom in us, we can embrace hardships countless times without fear.”  And with loving-kindness, for ourselves and others, we just may find that this embrace can liberate and heal.



About Steven Goodheart

"I have made a ceaseless effort not to ridicule, not to bewail, not to scorn human actions, but to understand them." Spinoza

2 Responses to “Healing-The Purpose and Goal of this Site”

  1. Nice job, Steven. I’m happy to see that you’re moving on this. Maybe I nudged just the right amount.

    • Thanks, Jan! Thanks for stopping by to take a look. I hope you approve of how I used one of your many incredibly beautiful nature images to grace the header of this blog. Although this isn’t a multimedia blog, I’m sure more of your wonderful images will show up, with your kind permission, in the future.

      Yes, your encouragement meant/means a lot to me, and now, you’ll always have a special place in my heart and in the good that I hope to accomplish with this blog.

      For others who may see this post, if you love the beauty of nature, Jan Messersmith has a photographic journal that shows hundreds of gorgeous images, on land and underwater, of the remarkable paradise called Madang, Papua New Guinea. Please have a visit; it will be well-worth your time:


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